Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Third CDMA Operator in Karachi

Worldcall concluded its supply and built deal for its CDMA Wireless Local Loop business in Karachi with Huawei. The deal, reportedly valued at $10 million, is among the series of business wins that the Chinese vendor has recently secured in Pakistan.

This brings the count of CDMA operators in Karachi to three - Telecard's Go CDMA, PTCL's VPTCL and Worldcall's Worldcall Wireless. If the head-hunting reports of Great Bear in Karachi are true, Diallog would be the forth CDMA operator to enter the WLL market in the commercial, but rain-ruined, capital of Pakistan.

Earlier, Ufone's expansion deal - cited being as big as the entire current Ufone infrastructure itself, was snatched by the tech-ginnie from the land of Changez Khan from Erricson. Rumoured reasoning has it that Huawei's offer was 25% cheaper and they offered a long term vendor financing making the deal irresistable for the fast expanding GSM operator.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mitnick's Legend Still Attract Hackers from Pakistan

Kevin Mitnick's legend lives strong in the young crowd of Pakistani hackers and script kiddies. While most of you must be reading the Internet and the newspapers about the history-making Oval incident of the Cricket world, a group of hackers operating out of Pakistan defaced a number of websites of former convicted hacker. More details about the defacement are available here.