Saturday, August 05, 2006

NSP, SANOG8 and IPv6

PTA's blog ban has apparently been effective - at to me as the author of this blog. Since the domain is blocked at the (almost) sole upstream ISP (PTCL) in Pakistan, it is only natural for the blog authors to loose the confidence on the mass readership of their blogs in their very own country. Tools like can help bypass this ban but as soon as you loose the first level access, you loose most of your readers. True, those who want to read you would get you by several other means - even by sending you emails and asking for it!

As I try to restore the frequency of posts on this blog, here are some recent things that have happened that should interest most of the regular reader of this blog:
  1. Formation of Networkers' Society of Pakistan and it getting functional with respect to projects and events
  2. Holding of the eight conference of South Asian Network Operator Group (SANOG) for the first time in Pakistan (SANOG8)
  3. Formation of IPv6 Forum's Pakistan Chapter and first ever IPv6 Technical Summit being held in Karachi, Pakistan attend only by the most relavent people in the industry
I will try to provide details on these lines in the subsequent blog entries later on.


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Thanks, I realy needed this info!


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