Saturday, November 19, 2005

Skype Ready to Help Quake Disaster Recovery

Good see that peer-to-peer VoIP application Skype is offering help to Pakistan in Quake Relief Efforts:

DRN is working with Pakistan's Ministry of IT to locate the resources needed to re-establish the telecommunications infrastructure and install emergency wireless/satellite capabilities in the affected areas. Skype Technologies, the developer of software that supports free global phone communications via the Internet, recently contacted the DRN with an offer to assist the Ministry. To take advantage of Skype's technology, the Ministry needs 40 lap tops, which to date have not been secured. DRN also put the Ministry in touch with PACTEC (the humanitarian arm of the Mission Aviation Fellowship) regarding the installation of 5 VSAT satellite communications centers in Islamabad, Muzaffarabad and other sites still under survey.

Hopefully, at least this time the PTA will not interefere in the VoIP issue with its usual insane objections.

Thanks for Irfan Khan for posting information about it on the S-ASIA-IT List.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Google's Al Qaeda To Make Your Data Application Free!

Google launches its own Al Qaeda! aka Google Base :

First off, some explanation about the blogs headline: Al Qaeda is 'Base' in Arabic. There you go! :) See Google's own (reverse) definition.

Back to the news

"Today we're excited to announce Google Base, an extension of our existing content collection efforts like web crawl, Google Sitemaps, Google Print and Google Video. Google Base enables content owners to easily make their information searchable online. Anyone, from large companies to website owners and individuals, can use it to submit their content in the form of data items. We'll host the items and make them searchable for free. There's more info here."

Its scary for most of the online identities and business - from ebay to wallmarts to yahoo. Despite being called ugly and featureless Google products have an attitude of developing like a human baby - only very quickly.

The next thing that we should really care about is to have the API from Google to use the massive storage and processing offered by this 'Al Qaeda' of Google so that we have persistant, online data of ours avaiable anytime, anywhere. And once that API is there, don't be amazed if most of your new desktop applications come with an option of using for saving your data!

Time when data went application free!