Saturday, November 12, 2005


Om Malik again has a fresh idea. No-GYM. A time when bloggers decided together not to talk about the big threes (Google, Yahoo and MS). I am not sure if this 'campaign' would do any harm to GYM but certainly new stuff will get some attention that is badly needed for any new idea.
From: Om Malik's Broadband Blog: Can You Stay GYM Free?: "Today at SearchSIG, Google was mentioned once every five minutes! Wow?. lets admit it, whether we hate them, or we love them, we do love to talk about them. Them being Google, Yahoo and Microsoft aka GYM. What would happen if the blogsphere decided that we would not talk about the Big Three for a whole week? Instead we shifted our focus on the little guys, interesting technologies, and some other important stuff. Can the blogs exist without talking about the GYM? I don?t know?maybe be a week. I am going to try, and see how long this detox can last. If you are feeling adventurous, then spread the No-GYM meme!"
I posted the following as my comments there:

This is a classic catch22. Spreading the no-GYM meme only increases our ‘precious attention’ towards GYM.

To get to a real no-GYM point (which would be increddibly nice), we need nothing short of personal campaign conducted by op leaders around the world with clear dates to start the no-GYM period!

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