Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Google's Death Foretold

While I was still enjoying the story/prediction/speculation) about 'How Will Google Grow', Jack Shafer wrote about 'How Will Google Die'.
"Having plunged into too many businesses at once, Google had become distracted. Regulators throttled its local Wi-Fi initiative. Its plan to build out ad-supported computer services?word processors, spreadsheets, databases?for end users had died when Microsoft jumped in first with a superior polished suite. Google, as users of its desktop search had learned, wasn't good at writing client applications. Microsoft, now run by Scott Moore, who had defected back to the company from Yahoo!, continued to trump Google on the desktop and used its know-how and market muscle to write lingua franca search and communications software for all the smart devices, services, and nano-gizmos that people were plugging into the Web: phones, media players, medical monitors, life recorders, cars, houses, ships at sea, personal satellites, and USB-ready newborns as well as the Club Webs belonging to individuals and institutions."
One immediate error that I spotted out in Jack's piece was the fact that he is 'assuming' that other will be able to come up with technology and infrastructure to offer scalable and smart network services that Google is currently offering. As I said earlier, there is a set of magic technologies that Google is sitting on. Unless we have 20% to 30% of current Google employees out in the market with some competitors - and Google technologies making their way out in the public/commons domain, most of it will remain close to Google's chest and to me, this is the minimum amount of time Google will keep on ruling the net (and may I say, the World)!


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