Monday, August 25, 2003

CBR Telecom Equipment Import Procedures Eased up

In a positive move, Government's Cabinet Division has addressed the an important problem of the telecom sector investors in Pakistan pertaining to the undue and excessive restrictions that CBR has been exerting on imported telecom items asking for the PTA 'type approval' for the imported equipment. Initially, CBR did not have the 'vision' to see the 'sensitivity' of various telecom equipment but PTA has reportedly 'reminded' CBR some time ago about the Telecommunication Reorganization Act of 1996 and the special requirements of the act.
According to this news,
The importers are no more required to submit 'PTA type approval or NOC' to the collectorates of customs on the import of terminal equipment, fax machines, telephone sets without CLI, card pay phone sets, LPU, PABX, radio transmission receiving sets (except walkie-talkies with maximum 2 mWatt-equipment out-put power), radio link equipment, wireless telecom equipment, radio navigation equipment, fixed wireless terminals, satellite communication terminals, IP devices, telephone sets with CLI and other equipment.

So let's record some good news in this other-wise bleak-news corner of the Internet!