Monday, July 21, 2003

Swiss vs Local Investors

As Owais Laghari, Minister of IT&T defends the Telecom Deregulation Policy, the market described the policy as 'being investor-friendly but choosy about who an "investor" is'. Owais himself is looking towards Switzerland for the investment rather than the smaller players in the local market. Seems like the GoP always had in its mind that it would only be mega-international players that would be allowed in the deregulated market while the local market wrongly anticipated that they too can enter the race.
As of today, the Ministry of IT&T effectively sports a big board on its face that says 'Size Do Matter'. My mail filters automatically places such items in the Junk Folder!
Meanwhile, Ahmed Nadeem Syed of 'telco-regulatory' fame as I prefer to honour him, has posted an excellent Synopsis of the deregulation policy.


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