Friday, July 11, 2003

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Pakistan's Internet access disrupted for over 15 hours on July 7, 2003 due to problems in one of the many SPFs (single point of failures) in the current Pakistan Internet Backbone structure. Even a handful of satellite based Internet Gateways spread across the country could have prevented this outage. India permitted Internet Gateways in the private sector back in July 1999, the first one got up and running in March 2000 and there is a mushroom growth of this stability enhancing entities now. Eight providers setting up around 25 Internet Gateways all over India. For copy-india-sake, anybody listening?

On July 11, 2003, PTCL announced Disciplinary action against four senior officials found to be responsible for these problems.

Encashing Regulation

PTA earns 2.2 billion as telecom sector regulator in the last five years.


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